The CCP Uses Extreme Zero-COVID Policy To Strengthen its Curbs Ahead Of The 20th National Congress

A video released by the Secret translation Team of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) shows us the tension of strengthening the blockade before the 20th National Congress in the Communist China.

Extreme Zero-COVID Policy was reinforced in Shanghai ahead of the 20th National Congress in the Communist China .

The video shows that at present, 36 cities, including Beijing, are in a state of lockdown to some extent, involving a population of about 200 million. The number of new cases reported by the Communist China on the same day reached 1,800.

In Shanghai, the authorities said that due to the discovery of some cases of infection, nucleic acid testing should be strengthened before November 10.

Exhibitions highlighting China’s achievements under Xi Jinping have been set up around the country ahead of the congress. 

In addition to introducing the current situation, the video also briefly predicts whether the CCP’s zero COVID policy shows any signs of relaxation.

Based report from the People’s Daily, one of news outlets controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the Communist China, various related policies will probably continue. This is basically consistent with Miles Guo’s analysis in the video. To strengthen its own rule, the CCP will definitely use this control method they think is effective to the extreme.

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Translator: Formosa Taiwan English Team
Design&editor: HBamboo(昆仑竹)

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