CCP 20th Congress to Redefine Party-People Relationship and Presidium Threatened by Force

On October 12th, Miles Guo revealed a Gettr livestream that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s the 20th National Congress will amend the party constitution to redefine the relationship between the CCP and the people, that is, the relationship between slave owners and slaves. It is said that the 20th National Congress Presidium has thoroughly controlled by the military, and the Presidium only follows the military’s order.

Party Constitution of the CCP is above the national law, and the Party Constitution is the guideline of activity for the Chinese people. Xi Jinping has revised many parts of the Constitution. The first article is the military reserve system for young domestic men and women. The focus of the revision is that in the future, the country can force men and women of the right age to accept orders to fight on the grounds of war, and forcibly expropriate people’s assets. It can be said that the new Party Chapter has become the Pandora’s Book of the Chinese people, defining the people as slaves and the party as slave owners.

The Presidium system is an important part of the CCP’s power handover, where the founders of the regime cast their influence on the decision making. However, in the 20th Congress, Presidium is totally controlled by Xi and his henchmen.

The Presidium of the 20th CPC National Congress has been completely controlled by the military and exists in name only, with no power and can only agree with what Xi demands them to do.

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