Canadian Airline Employees Sue Company and Government Over Mandate of CCP Virus Vaccine

Recently, over the mandate of the CCP virus vaccine, a group of former and current employees of Westjet Airlines successfully filed the lawsuit against the federal government, and the WestJet Group, WestJet Airlines, Encore, Swoop, WestJet Vacations, for the “egregious assaults”” on their rights and freedoms in the workplace, which resulted in “”unconstitutional abuse of thousands of people””.

 The group calls their justice-seeking campaign “Cause for Action”, formed by 176 WestJet Group employees, representing both active and inactive WestJet employees from pilots, flight attendants, contact center agents, customer service agents, and more, those who have suffered under the federal health mandates. On October 5, 2022, Cause For Action formally filed legal action in the Federal Court, to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to CCP virus vaccine mandatory measures.

 In a press release, Cause for Action stressed that the Canadian government implemented punitive and divisive CCP virus vaccination mandates through collaborating with airlines and corporate stakeholders, which has created a two-tier society stoked only by fear. The group also believes based on the abundant evidence of the information regarding the negative effects of the CCP virus vaccine, that a great deal of scientific information was never communicated to the public from the government.

 Previously, in July, another group of 19 Canadian firefighters sued the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) and the city over CCP virus vaccine mandates; the firefighters were seeking $2 million in damages each; their lawsuit has gained lots of attention nationwide, and has succeeded in making city officials uncomfortable.

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