The CCP Virus Vaccine Is ‘One of the Biggest Scandals of Our Time’

Not long ago, a Pfizer executive admitted for the first time that the CCP virus vaccine had not been tested to stop the spread of the virus before it entered the market. In an interview on the program, Rob Roos, Dutch Member of the European Parliament (MEP), said that this is “one of the biggest scandals of our time.”

 Roos said the governments promoted vaccinations to millions of people worldwide by telling people to get themselves and their families inoculated. They used false arguments to deceive perfectly healthy young people into taking the jabs.

 It also showed “great hatred” against those who refuse to receive vaccines. In many countries, vaccine mandates have been introduced for certain professions. Many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods for sticking to their principles. Some governments have even imposed lockdown on unvaccinated people, i.e., incarcerating people in their own homes.

 However, all this was based on the idea that the vaccine would help prevent the spread of the virus, but this has now proven to be a huge lie.

 The program noted that Pfizer knew the vaccine was ineffective and harmful, yet it acquiesced to the practice of the politicians. Meanwhile, it’s unbelievable that Pfizer executives were not charged with the crimes they committed.

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