Former President Of Daio Paper Corporation In Japan: Abe Always Refuses The Pretty Waitresses Arranged By The CCP

According to Japanese media reports on Oct 14th, the third president of Daio Paper Group Ikawa Mototaka said Abe had longstanding ties with his family and they could make sincere and honest communications. Three months before Abe passed away, he revealed at a gathering that he had always refused the beautiful waitress arranged by the CCP.

 Igawa Mototaka mentioned what Abe told about his visit to Communist China with Koizumi Junichiro. During the post-meeting break before the dinner, they were both taken to their respective rooms. Beautiful Chinese waitresses were reportedly preparing the hospitality for Koizumi in his room. Once when Abe entered his room, he saw handsome waiters like idols. Abe said that the CCP government misunderstood because he often refused women’s reception. Igawa Mototaka added that he believed Abe was the only Japanese politician who refused entertainment by pretty hostesses, while the CCP had something on many politicians in power.

 Miles Guo has repeatedly warned the world that the CCP has always been using the BGY tactics to corrupt and coerce global politicians in an effort to achieve world hegemony. During the live broadcast on April 6th, 2018, Miles Guo mentioned that Wang Qishan’s contempt for Japan derived from the absolute control through BGY tactics. During another live broadcast on May 9th, 2020, he also noted the vast majority of Japanese politicians were now controlled by the BGY plan. This time Japanese insiders familiar with the matter revealed details of the CCP’s attempts to corrupt former Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Junichiro Koizumi with beauties, further confirming Miles’ previous exposures.

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