Former Korean Prime Minister: Strengthen Alliance with U.S. and Japan to Counter Nuclear Threat is Inevitable

It is reported on October 12th, former South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-Kyun said at a roundtable of diplomatic security experts held at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States on October 11th, that North Korea is the fourth or fifth largest nuclear force in the world, which is a serious threat not only to South Korea, but also to neighbouring countries and the United States. Security cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan is becoming an inevitable, Chung said. At the same time, it also said that in order to achieve such security cooperation between the three countries, the historical problems between South Korea and Japan must be resolved.

Prime Minister said that the military rise of communist China and the formation of the northern triangle alliance between Kim Jong-un, Xi and Putin, and the security cooperation between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo, that is, the launch of the southern triangle alliance, have also become an inevitable reality.

In addition, regarding North Korea’s recent legalization of the nuclear force policy, the former minister said that this is the DPRK’s position that it can pre-emptively use nuclear weapons according to their subjective judgment, and the DPRK has made it clear that it will not yield no matter what sanctions are taken, which proves from the side that the DPRK will not collapse by sanctions alone.

Rather than allowing the situation to deteriorate, he suggested, South Korea and the United States should work together to develop a creative, bold vision that could change the concept of North Korea’s strategic algorithm and make final recommendations to it.

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