Upcoming U.S. Sanctions Will Make Hong Kong Dollar Worthless

In his grand live on October 12, Miles Guo said that the United States recently has warned it would cancel the Hong Kong air route permanently if the Hong Kong government forces to pass the National Security Law or continues to manipulate its economic numbers.

 The US-China airline routes are an important channel for political and economic communications. These routes not only create jobs, but also directly affect airline stock prices. Representatives from the US airline industry have participated in US-China negotiations every year during 2004-2008. However, American flights to China have continued to lose money in recent years due to the CCP virus pandemic.

 Miles has repeatedly warned that the Hong Kong dollar will be in jeopardy once the Hang Seng Index falls below 20,000 points. Currently, the Hang Seng Index is at 16,000 points, once the U.S. cancels its flights to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong will lose foreign visitors and investment, the Hang Seng index could tumble further to under 10,000 points; which would be the time when the Hong Kong dollar becomes completely worthless.

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