Research Data Reveals CCP Virus Vaccine Seriously Damages Adolescents’ Health

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, an abundance of data has shown that children are almost immune to the CCP virus and, even when infected, they recover almost completely. However, the evil forces manipulated by the CCP have colluded with government agencies to promote the CCP virus vaccine to the youth for economic benefits.

 According to official data and related studies, the infection and death rates of the vaccinated population are higher than those of the unvaccinated population. This calls into question the CCP virus vaccine’s many serious side effects, including myocarditis and blood clots. Even so, the government still vigorously promotes vaccination policies, and cases of adverse reactions and deaths among adolescents are frequent but are hushed up. To expose the truth about vaccines, medical doctors appeared at a hearing to reveal that a CCP virus vaccine caused myocarditis and led to the deaths of children. A former ICU nurse spoke out to the public about having cared for children who developed myocarditis following vaccination and questioned the accuracy of Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data to her superiors. In addition, numerous clinical studies have linked myocarditis in adolescents to the CCP vaccine.

 Based on CDC data on September 23, 150 children have died, 445 have been permanently disabled, and 8,176 have been injured in some way. Previous studies concluded that there are at least 31 times fewer vaccine injuries in the VAERS system than there actually are, and it is estimated that at least 4,650 children have died, 13,795 have been permanently disabled, and 253,456 have been injured by CCP virus vaccines.

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