Evil Partner: Grand Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Cooperates with Chinese University

Target News Web reported on 12th October that a big pharmaceutical manufacturer-Bristol-Myers Squibb cooperated with a university in communist China, which has been involved in cyber-attacks and spy activities. To expand its already obscene profits, the giant pharma company Bristol-Myers Squibb, headquartered in New York, is cooperating with Tsinghua University to develop new drugs to treat cancer and auto-immune diseases.

The senior deputy CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma praised Tsinghua University and its communist regime, celebrating the upcoming collaborations between the two entities.

This is problematic as Tsinghua University is clearly connected with the CCP. Current CCP leader Xi claimed that Tsinghua University is his alma mater, which explains why there is a “Marxist” journalism school there. It trains the propaganda staff for state-owned media. According to the report, the New York Times, CNN and other western media institutes also aid in training propaganda staff, and let the trained staff deceive Chinese people and people around the world. Among them, many are currently working for western media.

As Tsinghua University also works for the Chinese military, it’s been labelled a “high risk” University. The US State Department said that this University also had launched cyber-attacks on America. It has threatened US state security. Hence, Tsinghua University is unqualified to collaborate with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma or any other pharmaceutical company.
CP’s collaboration.

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