Chinese Government Initiate Mass Arrest Campaign Comparable to NAZI

Miles Guo said in GETTR on October 11th that the serious economic influence in Hong Kong is to allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to hold its so-called 20th Congress successfully. On October 10th, the overnight interbank lending rate in Hong Kong fluctuated dramatically, which shows that mainland China’s economy is really doomed. Hong Kong’s “dosed” economy has been fabricated to an unimaginable level in order to make it through the CCP’s 20th Congress.

In order to hold its 20th Congress, Beijing forced many people to go bankrupt and even ruin their families. In Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, and Xinjiang in the northeast, local governments have been frantically arresting people and detaining people on the grounds of Covid prevention. The so-called “Zero Covid” policy is an excuse to prepare for war, perform social stress tests, and control the population with any means necessary.

The CCP implemented quarantine and lockdown before its 20th Congress, not for the benefit of the ordinary people, nor for the common people to have food, but to find a legitimate reason to control the common people. A fellow fighter of the Whistleblower Movement inside the system revealed that the CCP’s recent activity is full-on madness. In Inner Mongolia, anyone who has been disobedient in the past and who has expressed some ideas and suggestions before has been arrested.

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