CCP Is Trying To Challenge The U.S. With Supply Chain Advantage

In the Grand Live Broadcast on October 12th, Miles Guo shared his thoughts on how the U.S. Dollar’s interest rate hike can harvest the economics of the world. But it hurts the U.S. dollar more in the long run. CCP is trying to challenge the U.S. with its full industrial chain production advantage.

 However, the U.S. dollar is the world’s most important currency as a circulation and reserve currency, and its financial hegemony is challenging to shake. More importantly, despite the fact that the Chinese people are intelligent, hard-working, patient, and have a huge consumer market that is to be admired and envied by the world. But the CCP‘s dictatorship system is never destined to win over democracy.

 The value created by the people will only be harvested. This is the inevitable fate determined by the culture and system of CCP society. The more successful the 20th National Congress of the CCP is, the more miserable the Chinese people’s lives will be. PCR and Zero-Covid Policy is purely a political necessity, without scientific basis and loss of humanity. In the end, all the disasters are caused as a result of the evil system.

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