At least 20 Banks in Communist China Dismiss Senior Management Staffs

On October 9th, it was reported that since the beginning of this year, nearly 20 listed banks have undergone personnel changes, major adjustments have taken place in their executives, and most banks have hired new chairmen and presidents. The banks involved are Bank of Beijing, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Hangzhou, Jinshang Bank, Changsha Bank, Xiamen Bank, Qingnong Bank, Yunong Bank, etc.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been news that depositors cannot withdraw money from time to time in Communist China. Many depositors have held demonstrations and protests. However, the Chinese government turned the health code of depositors into a red code due to the virus prevention measure. People are miserable, and posts from people asking for help have been seen often on social media, but all the posts always get deleted soon after posting.

Miles Guo mentioned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) demands banks to not collapse before the 20th National Congress. If there is a problem, they will arrest and dismiss the banks executives. The frequent personnel changes of these bank executives are consistent with Miles’ revelations. For the sake of Xi Jinpings 20th National Congress, maintaining the stability of the banks, and suppressing the common people, even if there are some collapses now, it is just a cover up. After the 20th National Congress, the banking, real estate, and finance industry will all collapse.

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