The CCP’s ruthlessly behavior is beyond the US and the West’s normal thinking: CCP will Invade Taiwan without a Doubt

During the Gettr livestream on October 9th Mr. Miles Guo reiterated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will invade Taiwan without a doubt.

Mr. Miles Guo said, some friends in Washington D. C. think that the CCP lacks the strength to invade Taiwan, and there was no good reason for the CCP to attack Taiwan. In addition, prior to the 20th National Congress of CCP, the CCP claimed with saber-rattling to attack Taiwan, which was a move to deceive the common people for political need. Once Xi Jinping seizes the power after the 20th National Congress and has achieved his goal, he will refrain from attacking Taiwan. These predictions are all based on customary military and financial consideration.

However, during CCP’s history there was almost no normal wars. All the CCP’s wars were served for its political needs, such as the Korean War, the Huaihai War. In particular during the Korean War, all soldiers who went to the front lines dressed thin clothes in the chilly winter. The ordinary people wanted to donate supplies, and Kim Jong-il of North Korea wanted to provide supply. Mao Zedong explicitly stated that there was no need for any supply. The trains carrying the solders went straight to North Korea, non-stop. At the end countless unfortunate soldiers were frozen to death.

In the opinion of the United States, the CCP does not dare to kill that many people, nor it dares to incur such heavy financial costs. This kind of thinking is out of normal perspective. However, the CCP has ruled Communist China for more than 70 years, enslaving the population and putting them in constant fear. People in Communist China know nothing about politics, international affairs, and human rights. The Chinese population in general are so ignorant just like those who lived in the Stone Age. The CCP’s intentions to invade Taiwan will not be affected at all by any factors. The CCP will invade Taiwan soon, no matter what the current international circumstances are, even with the factors that Putin will die and Khamenei was dead.

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