Taiwan calls for stronger ties with Canada’s military and economy

On October 9th, one of Taiwan’s top politicians urged the Canadian government to publicly declare its support for Taiwan to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from launching a surprise attack on Taiwan.

According to the report, the Chief Secretary of the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party hopes that the Canadian government can publicly declare its support for Taiwan. Even if the statement does not need to disclose the specific plan, its role will greatly help to express solidarity with Taiwan. In addition, Taiwan’s senior political officials said that democratic countries should work together to prevent another democracy from being attacked, and Taiwan will firmly maintain peace and stability in the region. It is understood that Taiwan will meet with the Canadian delegation, and the two sides will discuss tactical ambiguity and strategic clarity to ultimately ensure peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

It is reported that the CCP is trying to plunder the island of Taiwan and clamoring for the international community not to interfere in Taiwan’s relations with neighboring countries. The Minister of Defense of the Communist China also said harshly that any aircraft flying into Taiwan’s airspace would be regarded as the “first shotting down”. In response, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister called for the strengthening of military and economic ties with democratic countries.

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