Taiwan’s Ministry Of National Defense: Taiwan Will Respond To Communist China’s Invasion

On October 5th, Taiwan’s Defense Minister, General Chiu Kuo-cheng (邱国正) said that Taiwan will respond forcefully if Communist China’s warplanes and drones continue to invade Taiwan’s airspace.

 A “first strike,” by definition, is when the other side fires a projectile or artillery strike. However, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) aggression against Taiwan has changed Taiwan’s definition of a first strike, which General Chiu said can be defined as a first strike when Chinese warplanes invade Taiwan’s airspace. Previously, when the CCP invaded Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, Taiwan responded by issuing warnings, deploying warplanes, and activating missile defense systems.

 Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Cher-Chyi Chen (陈正祺) also said on the same day that the Taiwanese government will ensure the supply of food, energy, and critical items, even including high-tech manufacturing items in the event of an invasion by Communist China. He also said that Taiwan is committed to protecting commercial secrets and critical national technology and preventing the loss of top scientific talent. In addition, export controls will ensure that Taiwanese products will not serve Communist China’s military.

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