Senate to Investigate U.S. Weapons and Nuclear Research Laboratory

On Oct. 6th, House Republicans called on the Biden Administration to investigate espionage activities of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Government at a U.S. laboratory.

It’s known that the CCP has been conducted a decades-long infiltration at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, a U.S. weapons and nuclear research site. The CCP, governed by Xi Jinping, is aimed at replacing the United States. In order to achieve this goal, the CCP has taken measures of stealing U.S. technology, which included a deeply infiltrated U.S. Research Laboratory. The CCP already has sensitive U.S. technology from the Los Alamos Laboratory. Between 1987 and 2021, at least 162 scientists had once worked at Los Alamos and returned to China. This supported all kinds of research and development projects in China, involving the key military and dual-use technology in the fields of hypersonic technology, deep-earth penetrating warheads, unmanned autonomous vehicles, jet engines and submarine noise reduction. 15 of these scientists had been permanent staff at Los Alamos, and 13 of the 15 were recruited into the talent program of China’s Government. Out of 169 scientists, 59 were members of the CCP’s economic espionage plans, “Thousand Talents Program” or “Youth Thousand Talents Program.” A former scientist of Los Alamos who pleaded guilty to charge of misrepresentation in 2020, was sentenced for a 5-year probation. The U.S. Energy Department has taken significant measures to handle the growing security threats, including adoption of strict vetting, counterintelligence reviewing, restriction on participating in foreign talent programs and implementing some procedures to ensure compliance with the U.S. export licensing requirements.

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