Miles Guo: Philippine’s Pro-Chinese Politicians Have Become Anti-CCP, and Europe Will Support Digital RMB Settlement

Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State Of China (NFSC), said on Gettr on October 1st that the pro-Chinese in the Philippines have turned to the opposite side against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but would be more pro-China. 

 Miles said the Philippines would immediately cancel several gold mines and tourism development projects in cooperation with the CCP, citing one of his friends. The following step is to block the RMB.

 Many people in Europe will unexpectedly support the digital RMB and its settlement, following Saudi Arabia. 

 The biggest battle between the U.S. and Communist China now is about the currencies. The next is the finance war, and then the war of technology. Tech-war has started with chips, and its models will be changed entirely as new technologies become available.

 The Russia-Ukraine war has an inflection point with Ukraine taking over Lyman. The world situation will be interesting with the Ukraine war, the Taiwan Strait crisis, the Hong Kong economic crisis, the contest in currency, science, and technology between CCP and the U.S., and the death of Khamenei (supreme leader of Iran).

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