CHIPS and Science Act Will Be the Beginning of the Fatal Ending of the CCP

Miles Guo mentioned during the Grand Live Broadcast on October 5th that the U.S. would be announcing the Chips and Science Act before the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and that the Act would equal scraping the bones of the CCP when the U.S. at the same time decouples from the CCP in technology sector.

 Miles said that within a week or two, the US will legislate to investigate some of the matters the CCP has done in the US and is combing through a list of collusion with the CCP. The first investigation Act that is about to begin is not just about decoupling, but the beginning of a political war and an economic war. For both parties of the U.S., those who compete to end the CCP and dare to genuinely act on it before the midterm elections are the winners and the most powerful people of the country.

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