A Man Suspected Of Selling Computer Chips To Russia Is Arrested

On October 7, the Dutch financial crime investigators announced that they arrested a 55-year-old man who was suspected of selling weapons-usable computer chips to Russia, a move that violates international sanctions laws.

 Since Kremlin waged an aggressive war against Ukraine on Feb 24th, Europe imposed sanctions on Moscow, including a ban on electronics export. The arrest is the first action targeting such kind of offense in the Netherlands.

 In a statement, prosecutors said they had arrested the suspect in the east of the country and discovered evidence, including the electronics in stock, his bank accounts, and his administration. He is charged with delivering these microchips that could be used for arms production as well as other things to entities and companies in Russia.

 The suspect was apprehended on Sep 30th and remained in custody after approval of a court. With the assistance of the European police coordination agency Europol, Dutch public prosecutors and customs officials cooperated in the arrest.

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