210 Million People Have Lost Their Job in Communist China

In the Grand Live Broadcast on October 2, Miles Guo remembered that throughout his formative years, he held discussions regarding the future of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with influential figures around the globe, including the president of Walmart at the time. Miles claimed that the CCP’s debt burst would happen in the banking and real estate sectors within two to three years. Communist China’s society is undergoing extreme pressure tests and preparing for war, and 100 million people will lose their jobs. At the time, foreigners, including the vice president of Walmart International, thought Mr. Guo was insane and expressed utter incredulity in these statements.

Communist China is currently in lockdown and quarantine in all places, the ordinary populace is severely repressed, and the CCP is always prepared to irrupt Taiwan. Communist China has an approximate population of 1-1.1 billion people. 210 million people are unemployed, compared to the official figure of 150 million, 6 million private enterprises have lost employees, and 700,000 businesses have gone bankrupt. Miles also brought up TangPing Coins; let’s wait and see what they will bring.

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