New Round of Patriotic Brainwashing Sweeps in Communist China, Kindergartens are Hardest-Hit Area

As October 1st approaches, a new patriotic brainwashing campaign is raging in communist China, and kindergartens are the hardest hit. In a small video on TikTok, a kindergarten teacher is teaching children about “patriotism” and each child is holding a small national flag. The teacher asks: What does the red color of the five-star red flag symbolize? One child blurted out: Revolution. Another question: What does the big five-pointed star on the red flag represent? Answer: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

All kindergartens within communist China are carrying out this CCP-loving patriotic propaganda. Such online videos are everywhere, and the comment section is often filled with parents applauding the general belief that “patriotic education” should start with their children. It is hard to imagine that children know what “revolution” means. They are simply being indoctrinated with the evil idea that “patriotism equals love for the CCP”.

On September 29th, the account “Junwuji” on Weibo, posted a kindergarten National Day craft in which a father made a tank for his child out of a cardboard box. At the end of the video, the dad can be seen dragging a cardboard tank and showing it off with his child in front of a crowd. Netizens praised him for doing a good job of teaching patriotism.

On October 1st, a father posted a WeChat praising his 10-year-old boy for knowing not to buy Tesla and American products. This is no longer patriotism from a young age but love for the CCP and anti-Americanism from a young age. The CCP’s brainwashing of children is frightening. Yet, many ignorant parents are proud of it, not realizing that they are mere slaves to be exploited by the CCP.

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