Credit Suisse Facing Crisis For Deep Tie With Chinese Communist Party

In the live broadcast on October 5, Miles Guo explained in detail why Credit Suisse, which has deep cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is now repeatedly rumored to be bankrupt. The CCP will support Credit Suisse to cover up the crime of embezzling the people’s assets. As a result, it will not be the inflection point of the accelerating downward spiral of the global financial crisis for the time being.

Credit Suisse has been doing business in China since the Qing dynasty and has maintained close relations with every regime of China. UBS and Credit Suisse are among the financial groups that have helped the CCP launder money and hide the most assets. Credit Suisse has been involved in investments in several CCP-backed companies, and the current collapse of huge note transactions with these companies has led to rumors of Credit Suisse’s bankruptcy.

But the Chinese regime will certainly back up Credit Suisse to continue covering up the crime of embezzlement and transfer of illegal assets and ensure that these assets are safe. Because once Credit Suisse goes bankrupt, all kinds of illegal transactions and huge assets hidden by the CCP will be made public, and the world’s economy will irrevocably collapse.

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