The COVID Vaccine Crisis Made By The Chinese Communist Party Puts Mankind In Face Of Annihilation

Miles Guo stated in a Gettr Broadcast on October 4th that our NFSC scientists have demonstrated with the current COVID vaccine disaster that China’s population will not be able to surpass 400 million in the next 20 to 30 years and that the COVID vaccine disaster has almost completely ruined the entire nation of China.

The numerous disasters related with the COVID vaccination will make people realize that China, as a nation, would never have the power, strength, or resources to conquer the United States and all of mankind. According to Miles Guo, it will be challenging to resolve a number of problems brought on by the COVID vaccine tragedy, including environmental pollution under CCP government and the possibility of war in the Taiwan Strait.

He claimed that the military, biotechnology, human genetics, and other sectors’ whistleblowers all agreed that a catastrophic COVID vaccination disaster will affect mankind. The CCP has doomed all of mankind to misery, pain and death. Sadly, most individuals are unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge this heinous fact.

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