US VS. Communist China Is A Clash Of Democracy VS. Autocracy

On September 21, South Carolina Republican Congressman William Timmons recently joined other members of the House Committee on Financial Services in a hearing to question the heads of seven of the largest U.S. banks, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Citigroup’s Jane Fraser, on the economical and geopolitical conflicts in the U.S.-China relationship. Rep Timmons is an American lawyer, entrepreneur and politician.

He commented on the relations between the United States and Communist China by pointing out that the current conflict between China and the United States is more than just a clash of civilizations; it is “a clash of autocracy versus democracy”. Even the Chinese market appears to be lucrative, but there is a cost of doing business there, because the Communist China’s market is completely controlled by the CCP, hence doing business with China is doing business with the Chinese Communist Party.

Rep Timmons asked the top banks’ leaders about their views toward the CCP and got ambiguous responses. He then raised questions with serious concern: as events unfold in the coming months, if something happens to Taiwan, will the Western democracies unite against the CCP, and will the global economies step forward to defend our ally Taiwan?

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