The CCP Uses Fentanyl to Destroy the US, But the US Does Not Take it Seriously

In the Live Grand Broadcast on October 2nd, Miles Guo said that he ever had some advice for the FBI. If the FBI wants to know about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s intelligence system and how the drugs like fentanyl made their way into the world, especially the US, they should start the investigation of the Chinatowns located in the US and other countries. They should mainly keep an eye on the following important distribution sites for fentanyl, like Chinese restaurants in Chinatowns, their chefs, and Uber drivers with special identities. These are the intelligence networks that the CCP has placed overseas.

Fentanyl is one of the tools that the CCP used for its “3F plan” to weaken, mess up, and take down America. Although many Americans die daily from drug overdoses, the US doesn’t care much about it because the government is too bureaucratic. It is very easy to control fentanyl abuse if they really want to do so. The CCP has far more control over the Chinese people than Kim Jong-un does over the North Koreans. The CCP can lock down an entire city and identify a single COVID-19 positive case from the city. Thus, the CCP knows very well about the massive production of fentanyl in China, including purchasing raw materials, establishing factories, selling, and smuggling fentanyl.

Miles Guo hired a lot of chefs in his previous hotel business. Whenever a chef leaves his hotel for oversea, Miles always kindly suggests them: 1. No gambling; 2. Don’t mess around with the waitress; 3. Don’t get involved in the CCP’s intelligence and drug peddling.

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