Russian Rapper Commits Suicide To Protest Putin’s Military Mobilization

According to a media report on Oct 1st, after dictator Putin announced a partial military mobilization, hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens fled to neighboring countries. A famous Russian rapper Ivan Vitalievich Petunin with the stage name Walkie killed himself that day in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar to avoid being drafted to fight for Putin’s barbaric war against Ukraine.

Earlier, the 27-year-old musician posted a video on social media where he said whether in war or under any other circumstance, he couldn’t kill for any ideals and wasn’t ready to take the responsibility to carry a weapon and pull the trigger to kill people.

Petunin said with grief and anger in the video that Russians all became captives of the maniac Putin and they had no choice except either the jail or the army.

As a proponent of the antiwar stance, the Russian rapper chose suicide to last protest autocrat Putin.

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