Nine NATO Members Urged to Support Ukraine After Russia’s Annexation Operation

According to reports on October 2, the leaders of nine European NATO member states issued a joint statement in the U.S.-led security alliance on Sunday, urging all 30 NATO countries to speed up military assistance to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Zelensky on Friday unexpectedly issued a fast-track application for NATO membership in response to Russia’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine.

Obtaining the NATO Membership requires approval of all 30 member states, and Ukraine is unlikely to join in the near future. The request to join NATO for a country at war becomes more complicated. Nine Central and Eastern European countries are afraid that they could become the next target if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, hence they called for a response to the annexation.

The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and the Slovak Republic posted statements on their websites on Sunday saying: “We support Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s invasion, demand (that Russia) immediately withdraw from all the occupied territories and encourage all allies to substantially increase their military aid to Ukraine.”

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