To Master Intelligence Is The Cornerstone Of The NFSC’s Credit And Security

In his Grand Live Broadcast on October 2, Miles Guo said that the ability to master intelligence is the cornerstone for the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to be able to thrive.

 Intelligence is a priceless treasure, a combination of wisdom, action, wealth, and judgment, etc. Intelligence is not an outcome, but a tool that allows one to grasp the outcome in advance. The NFSC was able to use reliable intelligence to assess the international situation and thus alter the outcomes, especially those to our detriment.

 By announcing Khamenei’s death, the NFSC is proving to the world that it has the capability to obtain intelligence. As for Khamenei’s death, it doesn’t matter whether the official obituary is announced within 48 hours or within 72 hours. What matters is that the NFSC knew that the system of caesaropapism that Khamenei represented has come to the end.

 The intelligence collection power that the Whistleblower Movement boasts is the best in the world, and it was on the basis of this intelligence that credibility and a vision of the international situation were accumulated and that the cornerstone of the credit and security of the NFSC would be laid in the future.

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