The CCP Targets High-Net-Worth Individuals

According to the website of the Hainan Taxation Administration (HTA) and Market Supervision Administration of Hainan Province, on September 22nd, the two institutes issued a notice that the two parties will jointly carry out the 2022 “double high” (high net worth, high income) tax spot checks on people , specifically for the first-stage sampling self-inspection, and the subsequent detailed inspection of the selected key inspection objects.

 Previously, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has repeatedly conducted tax evasion investigations against celebrities. In 2018, Fan Bingbing was disclosed on the Internet for tax evasion through “big and small contracts” and “dual contracts”. After that, the tax department quickly intervened in the investigation and successfully recovered and fined 884 million yuan. At the beginning of 2021, Zheng Shuang was exposed on the Internet for tax evasion of film remuneration, and the tax agency intervened. After the investigation, Zheng paid taxes and was fined a total of 299 million yuan. In March 2022, actor Deng Lun was reported by the regime’s mouthpiece for tax evasion, and the final tax payment plus a fine reached 1.06 million yuan.

 Some live-streaming internet celebrities in recent years have also become the targets of the Chinese regime. At the end of 2021, live-streaming internet celebrity Weiya was exposed to tax evasion and was eventually recovered and fined 1.341 billion yuan. In the same year, live-streaming internet celebrities Xueli and Lin Shanshan were also arrested on the grounds of tax evasion, and were finally charged with taxes and fined 65.55 million yuan and 27.67 million yuan respectively.

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