NFSC: Taiwan Farm Fellow Fighter Photographed with Pompeo

On September 28th, the New Federal States of China (NFSC) Taiwan Farm fellow fighter took a photo with Pompeo, former U.S. Secretary of State, and presented him with a letter of appreciation and the NFSC’s heptagram star pin as a souvenir.

 Fellow fighters of the NFSC Taiwan Farm attended Pompeo’s economic and trade forum and the following dinner as a corporate representative in Tainan City. After the meeting, fellow fighters took photos with Pompeo and presented him with a letter of appreciation and a souvenir of the NFSC’s heptagram star pin.

 The general content of the appreciation letter is as follows:

 It is our greatest honor and pleasure to welcome you Mr. Pompeo to visit Taiwan for the second time….You have been a strong supporter of Taiwan, advocating that the US should officially recognize Taiwan as a free, independent nation and establish official diplomatic ties. This really helps boosting the confidence of the Taiwanese people and deterring the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ambition of invading Taiwan militarily.

 It is particularly important that back in 2020, as the Secretary of State of the U.S., you Mr. Pompeo declared that the CCP is a transnational criminal organization. This surely helps the world to wake up and recognize the red regime’s insidious nature. The United States is the beacon of freedom. We, the Taiwanese people are freedom-loving people. Hope with the continued support of the U.S., we will be able to annihilate the CCP’s ambition of invading Taiwan and maintain peace in the region.

 Thank you and hope you will have a pleasant and productive trip!

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