China’s Image in Germany Sharply Deteriorated Under Xi

It was reported that 79% of Germans surveyed distrust Xi Jinping, compared to 62% eight years ago. Firstly, communist China’s image in Germany has soured: in 2005, only 37% of Germans had a negative view, while the figure has since doubled to 74%. It is worth noting that the poll’s adverse opinions generally refer to Beijing’s leadership, government, or economy, not the Chinese people.

 The bad image of the Chinese Government is multifaceted. To name a few, the Red Regime has not handled well the outbreak of the Covid pandemic and human rights violations are considered a serious problem. 85% in 2021 of respondents in Germany believed that communist China does not respect human rights, while 54% in 2022 described it as a very serious problem, more than military power (44%) or economic competition (31%). There is a general sense that China’s power and influence on the world stage are increasing, meanwhile, it is a growing threat.


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