The Image of All Unity People of the NFSC Shocked the CCP

In a GETTR video on September 26th, Miles Guo stated that the historic meeting of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on September 25th has been studied within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The image of unity, kindness, benevolence and law-abiding of the people of the NFSC is subtly affecting the Chinese and elites at home and abroad.

 Miles held a meeting for several hours with large donors to the Rule of Law Foundation and old chairs (the earliest large investors). The CCP also sent undercover agents to the meeting. After the meeting, the CCP expressed respect for the NFSC and was shocked. People inside the CCP say that if the Chinese people can get along like the people of the NFSC and have the same qualities as the people of the NFSC, then China will always be the most powerful country in the world. In the absence of organization, it is quite remarkable that the Chinese can treat each other like this, get together like this, and do such disciplined, civilized and law-abiding things.

 It is precisely because the CCP itself does not understand the Chinese people and expands the evil side of the Chinese people, that the current situation in the country is created. When you meet a Buddha, you become a Buddha, and when you meet a devil, you become a devil. The CCP is a demon, so it has inspired the demonic nature of the Chinese people, such as mutual harm, disunity, cowardice, selfishness amongst themselves. What the NFSC pursues is to be true and unbreakable, to truly respect people, and to treat things objectively and rationally. Faith is to see through the present moment, live in the present moment, and treat the present moment as practice. This is what makes the CCP admire the NFSC.

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