Iranian Leader Khamenei’s Cardiac Surgery Fails, Only 1% Chance of Survival

On September 29th, Miles Guo revealed shocking news during a Gettr live broadcast, as the Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is about to die after a failed surgery.

 Khamenei underwent surgery for cardiac failure caused by myocarditis on September 26th, while according to the reliable information, a team of doctors declared on September 29th that his cardiac function recovering was unlikely, and his death will be announced within the next 48 hours.

 Khamenei has been diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago and his surgery was successful, but this time the cardiac surgery, Khamenei’s chance of survival is less than one percent.

 Miles Guo commented that Khamenei’s disappearance will have a huge impact on Iran, Communist China and the world.

 Firstly, as the last totem of religionism, his death means the demise of the religionism he represents. Which will make the world take a new look at Islam, and the Iranian people will definitely stand up again.

 Additionally, oil, gas and block chain will be greatly changed along with Iran, including Khamenei, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Putin owning a large proportion of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will cause a large amount of money to be lost.

 For the CCP, Khamenei’s death will make them lose a meaningful and real supporter; While for the New Federal State of China (NFSC), after the Iranian dictatorship is gone, Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and many countries in the Middle East will start to use Gettr, , and Gettr will become the biggest winner.

 Miles emphasized, although he is friends with many people from Khamenei’s family, but because Khamenei chose to cooperate with the cult of the CCP, that is the public enemy of mankind, and NFSC must choose peace and justice.

 Observers believe that Miles broke the news that Putin diagnosed with squamous anal cancer a few days ago, what’s more, coupling with the failure of Khamenei’s cardiac surgery today, foreshadowing that the CCP’s evil alliance will disintegrate imminently.

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