Australia calls an end to Quarantine Requirements for all Covid-19 Infected People

On September 30, the Australian Prime Minister, Antony Albanese, announced that Australia would lift the five-day quarantine requirement for people infected with the Covid-19 (CCP-virus) from October 14. Australia will treat the CCP virus as a respiratory disease in the same way as influenza. 

 The Prime Minister said that soon there would be no more mandatory quarantine in Australia after contracting the CCP virus, which means that patients can go out, work, and study as usual. The government advises that it is best to rest in bed after infection, similar to how you would rest after contracting the flu and try not to force yourself to work or study to avoid spreading the infection to others. 

 However, people who work in high-risk settings, such as hospitals, will not be able to return to work for five days after testing positive to avoid further nosocomial infection or transmission to the elderly. 

 The Australian Prime Minister believes humans may have to live with the CCP virus.

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