Miles Guo’s New Song Phoenix” to No.1 Hit”

On September 14th, Miles Guo’s latest song “Phoenix” was listed multiple major music platforms and hit iTunes. As of September 16th, the song hit iTunes No.1 on Hong Kong, Cambodia, New Zealand, Singapore, Laos, Mongolia, Fiji, and Armenia Top Songs Chart.

The song is also No.1 on Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, Finland, Germany, and Armenia Pop Songs Chart. On September 16th, Phoenix’s music video has also been officially released.

Phoenix’s No. 1 hits once again created a record for Chinese people in world music history, attracting tremendous attention. The fellow fighters, within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) establishment, entertainment sector, music industry, politics, and the propaganda department all congratulate the achievement.

Miles appreciated his fellow fighters for the creation of this song and reiterated that there is no such opportunity for genuine creation of the music under the rulership of the CCP, and people can give full play to their abilities in the Whistleblower Movement.

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