Human Rights are Foundations of Family, Society and Civilization

On September 14th, Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that human rights are the most fundamental standard for the progress of a family, society, and human civilization. Without human rights protection and human rights supervision, families are often the targets of attacks. There can be no family in a country.

When the Afghan government fell and the Taliban took control, families were the ones who suffered the most. After the Taliban occupied the city, each Taliban member went to a civilian’s home to ask for a little girl (virgin) between the ages of eight and thirteen and believed that this was the greatest reward. Pretty girls were taken away, and millions of people starved to death.

Many people feel that human rights are far away from them, especially the Chinese. They feel that human rights are like offering offerings to Buddha and God. They felt that by donating some money, offering a few sticks of incense, and offering a few sacrifices to ghosts, gods, and Lord Yama, they would atone for their sins. In fact, human rights organizations are very practical and relevant to everyone. It is by no means that the Chinese people think that only banks, fund companies, and stocks are as realistic and direct. Human rights are much more important than these.

Michelle Bachelet Jeria colluded with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and committed countless crimes against the Chinese people. The appointment of Volker Türk as the new head of the UN human rights organization is bound to turn the tide and bring back the international human rights organization, which is the key to taking down the CCP. The CCP has been condemned by the US Government as a genocidal regime, and the annihilation of the CCP is a sure thing.

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