CCP Sets Up Overseas Police Stations” to Arrest Dissidents”

The black hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stretched out abroad. According to reports, CCP is enlarging its informally public Security Website ‘Police Overseas Service Station’ to monitor Chinese. In the U.K., the service stations are set up in Chinese restaurants and shops. This causes the public opinions of western media to attack and suspicion that CCP Public Security illegally implements its business-crossed country.

In March, CCP police set up a ‘Police Overseas Service Station’ in Prato, the second largest city in the Tuscany area in Italy. Unexpectedly, the U.K. is the second country among G7 to approve allowing the CCP to set up its service in London. It’s caused a shock. The report pointed out that the CCP has set up 54 service stations abroad, but only 36 in Europe. Among them, one in London claimed itself as a real estate company, and another in Glasgow as a Chinese restaurant.

These Service Stations all belong to the United Front Work Department of the CCP. Fuzhou Municipal United Front Work Department of the CCP stated, that till January 2022, since started the first batch of “Overseas 110 Police Alarm Service Station”, the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau has cooperated with the Overseas-Chinese Association of Fuzhou Overseas Chinese, had set up the first batch of 30 “Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station”, which located in 25 cities over U.K., France, Spain, Portugal, U.S.A. Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Cheli, Japan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Lesotho, etc. 21 countries.

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