To Survive The Financial Turmoil We Need Patience Calmness And Wisdom

In the same Live Broadcast on September 13th, Miles Guo pointed out that only patience, calmness, and wisdom can truly help one possess wealth.

 Whether it is the development of Gettr, or the emergence of HCoin and Tang Ping Coin (or Lying-flat Coin), it is only a matter of time before they bring real benefits to fellow fighters.

 In the next six to twelve months, the world economy will be extremely uncertain, fellow fighters should firstly ensure their basic ability to survive, secondly, without the appropriate knowledge, judgment, intelligent capabilities, and financial strength, fellow fighters should not blindly make investments based on the arbitrary opinion about the world economic situation out of momentary emotions or hearsay.

 Such investments will only end up with big losses. Fellow fighters should wait patiently, judge the gains and losses calmly, and take decisive, courageous, and united actions to defend their rights and interests, including preparing to sue the SEC, so that they can jointly survive the most turbulent and difficult stage of history.

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