Imperial College Shuts Down the Communist China Sponsored Research Centers

According to British media on Sep 11th, Imperial College confirmed they would shut down two major research centers funded by the Communist China by the end of this year.

 It is learnt that the Center for Structural Design and Manufacturing sponsored by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (Avic) has a long-standing partnership with CCP’s leading civil and military aviation suppliers, which has invested over £6 million in projects studying cutting-edge aerospace materials. The other center is jointly established with Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (Biam), a subsidy of anther state-owned defense company, which has funded at least £4.5 million to the research and development of high-performance battery, jet engine components and impact-resistant aircraft windshields.

 Image from Internet: China’s First lady Peng Liyuan receives gift during the visit to Imperial College in 2015

 The UK’s intelligence agency and experts have all warned cooperation with CCP-owned companies was tantamount to aiding Communist China’s development of defense capabilities. With the widespread coverage of CCP’s human rights abuses perpetrated in Hong Kong and Xinjiang in recent years, governments worldwide gradually abandoned their illusions about CCP and began to change their close cooperation with Beijing.

 During the last three years, the UK has closed another five research centers sponsored by CCP. Both research centers unable to obtain license from government’s Export Control Joint Unit their operations are terminated. The British government has made it clear that similar Sino-UK collaborative research center has come to an end in the UK’s universities and would cease to exist in future.

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