South Korea Imposes Fines on Google and Meta for Privacy Violations

South Korean authorities announced on Sep. 14 to fine Google’s Alphabet and Facebook’s Meta platform nearly 100 billion won (that’s approx. $72 million) for privacy violations.

 The Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) said in a statement that it fined Google $50 million and Meta $22 million on the ground that the companies collected and analyzed users’ behavioral information for inferences without clearly informing them and obtaining their prior consent. In response, spokespersons for both Google and Meta said that they disagreed with the PIPC’s decision and will work to seek a court ruling.

 On the same day, Google reportedly suffered its second setback in Europe when the EU’s General Court agreed to a €4.1 billion fine issued by EU antitrust regulators for the company’s abuses of dominance. It was also reported that a year ago, Google was also fined about $177 million by the South Korea Fair Trade Commission for abusing its dominance in the mobile operating system market.

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