Humanity Will Soon Enter Into An Era Of Technological Explosion

On September 13, Miles Guo mentioned that in human history, some influential figures who have impacted the fate of mankind are often the biggest buyers in dark casinos and their power surpass bullfighting and all casinos. The Whistleblower Movement provides political and economic information to the public. As long as you exercise your judgment and take actions, you can save not only your life, but also your wealth.

 Miles said that such information will cause great turmoil in the global economy and finance and change the political landscape. A new era is coming, and various disasters and tombstones faced by mankind will inevitably lead to the explosive development of new technologies.

 Among them, blockchain and quantum computer technology are the foundation of digital currency and no one can stop it. The GPS technology owned by Lockheed Martin will soon be upgraded to a new version that can send sky network satellites, surpassing Musk’s Starlink. By then, the CCP’s firewall will be completely useless. Due to the vaccine disaster and human health problems, stem cells will definitely be released, and organ replacement will become common. Clean energy technology will advance rapidly, and Europe will change the status quo instead of relying on Russian energy.

 Miles also mentioned the development of materials. Graphene is the only known material with hexagonal, super hard, deformable and ultra-light. It will soon be used in various aspects of industry in the future. When Graphene is used in cameras, they will be a thousand times lighter than current ones and they can even float in the air.

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