Several Brands Disable Login through Facebook Account

On Sep 8, users visiting Dell’s web page noticed that the button to log in using their Facebook credentials had disappeared. Previously, users could login into Dell’s website with Facebook accounts for convenience.

Usually, using social media identity to sign in is an expeditious and win-win approach for internet companies and advertisers and saves the users some hassles. Since the reports of TikTok’s illegal collection of users’ private data, people’s concerns about privacy leak grow with each passing day. It is reported that not only has Dell removed the option to log in with Facebook account, but other big brands, including Best Buy, Ford Motor, Nike, Patagonia, Pottery Barn, and Amazon Video-streaming, have also disabled the feature.

Facebook users were subject to severe censorship during the CCP virus pandemic. Facebook’s censorship of users’ speech was based on the arrogance of power rather than human physical health. Zuckerberg and Fauci colluded with each other. Fauci used his authority and privilege to suppress the truth about the CCP virus and vaccines, while Zuckerberg cooperated with social media to block speech and ban users, killing countless innocent people.

Moreover, Facebook made no efforts to remedy the damage caused by its misinformation during the CCP virus pandemic. At the same time, Facebook has experienced several high-profile data breaches.

Analysts point out that Facebook committed an unforgivable original sin in the matter of the CCP virus and vaccines. Users gradually lost their confidence in Facebook.

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