Live with Awe and Respect and Conduct with Caution and Refrain

Only by respecting nature and thinking good thoughts can one develop one’s real character, style, and stance. In the live broadcast on September 11, Miles Guo stated that meditation is the best practice for a person and treating others with kindness is the best approach to treat oneself well.

Cancer is caused by human selfishness, greed, speculation, and dishonesty, and it begins with one’s own evil thoughts. Miles advised everyone to treat others with honestly, to look at things objectively, to appreciate nature, to respect everything, and to believe in the eternal soul. Keep one’s faith and thought righteously, behave with unity of thought and deed, and disease won’t go near you. Without respect for the cosmos, everything, diseases, and natural disasters, one will inevitably lose the essence of what it means to be a human, act dishonestly, do whatever they desire, and blaspheme at whim.

With righteousness in one’s heart, reverence for the gods of heaven and earth, awareness of the intrinsic eternity of existence, letting go of fear, being nice to one’s fellow fighters, and cherishing every second, one will obtain limitless happiness, pleasure, refreshment, and Dharma bliss. Miles suggests that the only way to grow these favorable outcomes is through kindness in the heart, which is the deep roots of wisdom.

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