COVID Vaccination Triggers Another Medical Disaster – Blood Contamination

Recently, Mr. Inoue Masayasu, director of the Masayasu Inoue Institute of Health Science in Japan, said in a video that the COVID vaccine will cause another secondary disaster – blood contamination.

Mr. Inoue said that after the vaccine was injected, the largest accumulation of spike protein is in the ovaries, but there still a large portion of spike protein is present in the flowing blood. When hospitals prepare plasma, the blood is usually collected and stored for about a year. It means the vast majority of plasma preparations for clinical use in Japan had been harvested from vaccine recipients starting from this autumn. As it contains the spike protein and its genetic factors, so when the plasma enters the body, it will have the same side effects as the vaccine.In Japan, only 10% of the population is now unvaccinated against the CCP virus. As a source of plasma preparations, the blood of these unvaccinated people will be very precious, while transfusion-free surgery is going to be the preferred choice.

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