China’s New Economic Predicament: Police Starting to Rob Citizens

Miles Guo stated in a Gettr video on September 12 that one of our fellow fighters in Guangdong had been robbed by dozens of CCP police. According to the fellow fighter, these police officials raced into his house to verify their CCP virus vaccine certificates. Even though all members of the home gave the police with the credentials, the police refused to let them go and threatened to withdraw the certifications if they did not pay.

The fellow fighter eventually paid $20,000 to settle. According to him, numerous people doing businesses in Guangdong have recently had similar encounters. China’s economic situation has deteriorated to the point where the cops have begun to rob. The amount of foreign currency leaving China last month hit a record high. People find it difficult to withdraw large sums of money from the bank. Withdrawing foreign currency is significantly more challenging. Major banks were instructed to rigorously monitor money movement in an emergency notice that the CCP internally released.

Foreign capitals are absolutely prohibited from leaving Sichuan and other locations, or they are allowed to leave but not take the money with them. Additionally, a lot of state agencies are having trouble paying employees on time; even CCP official organizations that were originally covered by the Ministry of Finance, like the Political and Legal Committee, are cutting employee compensations. Now that everyone must tighten their belts, they may restart their old CCP practices of burning, killing, robbing, deceiving, stealing, and intimidating the populace.

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