CCP Forbidden People to Evacuate in Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake in Sichuan, under Zero-COVID Policy

At 12:52 hours local time on September 5th, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Luding County in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan province with a depth of 16 km. Several villages within 5 km were affected, the epicenter shook Kangding City from 47 km away and the provincial capital Chengdu about 226 km.

 According to an online recorded video, many houses were collapsed and severely damaged. A woman says, “It’s too scary, take them to hospitals ASAP”; another senior man suffered an injury to his feet and said, the chickens were crushed to death. A netizen posted a live picture on Weibo and said after receiving the earthquake warning just one minute in advance, he immediately rushed downstairs, but the unit door was locked from the outside (due to the Zero-COVID policy). He also said other residents were hesitant about the consequences of breaking the Zero-COVID rules at the entrance until he stepped up to knock down the iron fences. In return, the White Guards (the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy executors) shouted at him and demanded they immediately return to their homes.

 Other netizens with following posts criticized that people have been domesticated into donkeys, in the face of life and death, they were still concerned about the stupid Zero-COVID policy, and instead of helping residents to evacuate, the white guards even asked people to put on masks. The tamed Chinese have lost human instincts that they should seek ways to survive any earthquake. In addition, most buildings in Communist China do not meet the construction standards due to systematic corruption, which is more likely to collapse in natural disasters. And after each disaster, the CCP takes all the credit for “disaster relief” and lets the people continue to praise Beijing.

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