CCP’s Drone Drops Halogen Eggs and Mustard Tubes to Provoke Taiwan

According to Taiwan Ministry of National Defense official website, garrisons in Kinmen Taiwan found food wrapped in garbage bags dropped by a commercial drone of Communist China During an inspection near Guishan beach last Friday.

 Photos released by Taiwan’s military show a red package with a marinated egg, a bag of mustard tuber and a ballpoint pen. The packaging of the egg and the mustard tuber is the same as seen in the Weibo video by the so-called mainland netizen “Captain Quanzhou”.

 According to Taiwan media analysis, the combination of marinated eggs and mustard tuber is homophonic to “bomb” in Chinese lauguage. Under such blatant provocation, Wang Dingyu, a member of the Legislative Yuan of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), expressed his support for Taiwan’s military to shoot it down in accordance with the standard operating procedure of self-defense after the warning was ineffective, so as to prevent the CCP’s provocations from escalating. He said that small commercial drones did not do much for military, but mainly for insulting Taiwan military force and undermining its morale.

 Image of Pickled Mustard Tubes – to Show Popular Chinese Side Dish

 In a live broadcast on September 5th, Miles Guo revealed that this strategy is a fishing guerrilla warfare of CCP, its intention is to escalate the situation in Taiwan Strait. It was exactly the same tricks as when the CCP dealt with the Kuomintang, making the people believe the Kuomintang army was really bad. History is repeating itself again just by different new means, just like pouring old liquor into a new bottle, it still tastes the same.

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