Beijing and Moscow’s Ambitions for Global Domination and Darkness Ahead of Humanity

In the Grand Live Broadcast on September 4th, Miles Guo said that the most important of the world’s political wrestling is geopolitics and the military, energy, and food issues arising from the geopolitical rivalry between the U.S., Communist China, and Russia.

Although the current U.S. government ostensibly emphasizes that there is a “competitive relationship” with Beijing, the extension of tariffs and the complete decoupling of science and technology indicate that the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are already in a hostile relationship. In recent years, the U.S. and the CCP have been engaged in a diplomatic war over the Taiwan Strait. They have also battled over energy and resources in the Strait of Malacca, the Strait of Hormuz and critical regions involved in the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative. United States which represents the world’s most core power is also engaged in a tug-of-war against Beijing and Moscow in strategic locations in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia and Angola.

As a result of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, Xi Jinping’s military threat against Taiwan, and their ambitions to achieve global dominance, European countries like the U.K., France and Spain have to deal with an energy crisis this winter. Furthermore, the way of life in each country has completely changed as a result.

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