Zelenskyy Warns the Europeans to Prepare for A Tough Winter

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sept. 3rd that he will be expecting a difficult winter for the Europeans due to the reduction on oil and gas exports from Russia.

Zelenskyy said the Kremlin is preparing a decisive energy strike against all Europeans in this winter. Russia used energy supplies disruption as a countermeasure against the Western sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine. European countries providing Kyiv with diplomatic and military support accuse Russia of weaponizing energy supplies.

Last week, Russia announced it would shut down North Stream 1 pipeline, which is the main gas channel to Europe. The G7 countries subsequently announced plans to impose a cap on Russian oil prices. The Kremlin responded by saying it would stop selling oil to any country implementing the cap.

Some analysts say energy shortage and a spike in living costs as winter approaches are likely to undermine the Western aids to Ukraine when the European governments are trying to appease their disgruntled peoples.

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