U.S. Government and “Big Tech” Discuss Censorship of CCP Virus and Vaccine

On September 2, according to a U.S. media report, that according to a new lawsuit, for a while in the past, the Biden Administration has held weekly meetings with representatives from “big tech” companies to discuss about the censorship of several topics on social media platforms, including COVID 19 (the CCP Virus) and the vaccine.

The report mentioned that Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt released some relevant evidence in a lawsuit against the government and the U.S. Department of Justice, which specifically revealed the email exchanges between the federal government and a “big tech” company regarding the CCP virus and its vaccines, Fauci, and the CCP virus pandemic. The emails show that the “big tech” consulted with the government on a weekly basis and jointly decided on what content on Facebook should be censored. They heavily banned news and stories about CCP virus vaccine side effects, including banning those who have experienced it first handedly to share their photos and videos.

However, the public believes that the truth will not be covered up forever. With more and more people awakened and making efforts to reveal the truth, more and more truth of the CCP virus and its vaccine will be revealed to the world.

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